CSEB Research Webinar on October 17: Microplastics in Coastal Food Chains


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Presented by Dr. Sarah Dudas on Monday, October 17, 2016.

Abstract: The impact of micro-plastics ingested by marine organisms is a growing recent concern. Relatively little is known about the fate of micro-plastics and their ultimate potential impacts on marine food chains. The ability of micro-plastics to sorb a large variety of chemicals makes them a potential danger for natural ecosystems and human health. Dr. Sarah Dudas , together with Dr. Katie Davidson, is the author of one of the few recent in-depth study on the presence of micro-plastics on manila clams in Baynes Sound and potential impacts of micro-plastics. (Katie Davidson and Sarah Dudas (2016) Archive for Environmental Contaminants and Toxicology (2016) 71:147–156). She is currently undertaking a project to monitor some 3,000 shellfish in the Salish Sea. The webinar will be a review of her research micro-plastic impacts.


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