CSEB Research Webinar on October 15, 2023: 21ST-Century Forest Solutions: How Can We Slow Down or Stop: Heat Domes, Droughts, Forest Fires, & Flooding?

We are not seeing the forest for the trees. We don’t seem to be able to see the cause & effect or cumulative effects of forestry and forest policies. But we see their impacts and results: droughts, wildfires, floods, heat domes, species loses. With an “ecosystem-first” focus, re-purposed forestry systems/techniques can be used to restore ecosystem functioning, health, and resiliency. Presented by Erik Piikkila, International Forester working with First Nations to thin forests for multiple Ecological Objectives/Benefits.

On Sunday October 15, this webinar begins at 7pm Pacific/ 9pm Central/ 11pm Atlantic Time. For more information and to register for this webinar, please follow this link. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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