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Peter A. Larkin Student Award for Excellence in Fisheries

Applications are now being accepted for the Peter A. Larkin Student Award for Excellence in Fisheries. The purpose of the award is to identify the top current Masters and PhD level students who are conducting fisheries research at a Canadian institution. The award is not restricted to students with Canadian citizenship.

For more information and to download the application information, follow this link. The application deadline is June 18, 2021.

How to Work Smarter in the “New Normal”

From the publishers of Nature magazine, you can subscribe to a free email series from the Nature Briefing Team with tips about doing research during this new context of a global pandemic. It covers time management, mental health, publishing during the pandemic, networking & jobs, and career changes & new skills. Follow this link:

Graduate Research Opportunities at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario

Follow this link for a list of research opportunities at Trent, ranging from freshwater ecology to parasitology and cell biology.

Professional Specialization Certificate in Ecological Restoration

This four course professional certificate provides advanced training for those working in landscape architecture, landscape design and management, forestry, agrology, biology, mining, ecological restoration, and environmental practice.

The ER program is offered online so you can meet your annual professional development requirements on your own schedule. Sign up for one course or the entire certificate!

Upcoming course: ER 504: Invasive Species and Novel Ecosystems

Dates: Sept 9 to Dec. 10 2020; tuition $750; online delivery

To register for a course or apply for the program, use the online application form which can be found at:

Or, contact the program office at

 You might also be interested in our other programs: See the University of Victoria continuing studies.

Restoration of Natural Systems Certificate (Diploma option also available)

This dynamic, interdisciplinary non-credit program provides comprehensive knowledge and skills to those interested in the rapidly emerging field of ecological restoration. By the end of this program you will be able to design and evaluate restoration projects in a broad range of subject areas, interpret technical reports, apply research methodologies, use current mapping and sampling technologies, identify and understand decisions and policies governing restoration work. To find out more about our programs and courses contact the program office at or visit our webpages:

Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG)

Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG) is a privately-registered training agency specializing in developing and delivering quality ‘hands-on’ natural resource-related training programs. This includes  courses in electrofishing, fish habitat restoration, wildlife surveys, working in and around water and many others. Check them out here!

John Lilley Undergraduate Scholarship in Environmental Sciences

In 2008, the John Lilley Environmental Scholarship was established in memory of our past President and long-time supporter and friend, John Lilley. The scholarship is at the University of Alberta and is awarded to a student with superior academic achievement entering the second year of study for a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Selection is based on demonstrated involvement with a not-for-profit environmental organization and academic standing.

The $1,100 scholarship was endowed by the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists and friends and family, in memory of former CSEB President, John Lilley. Applications are due by May 1, using the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences Entrance Awards application, available from the Student Services Office in 2-31 General Services Building.

Please visit the University of Alberta for more information.

Past Recipients

2008 – Qiting Chen               2009 – Marie Veillard                 2010 – Daiwei Zhang              2011 – Meghan Jacklin

2012 – Erin Cherlet               2013 – Megan O’Neill                2014 – Melissa Wheatley        2015 – Ellis Suhertan

2016 – Rebecca Huang        2017 (2) – Anthony Moir, Charlotte Thomasson                       2018 – Conor Griffith, Kevin Owttrim

2019 – Abigail Rehlau, Jessica Hermary                                2020 – Ashley Krehut               2021 – Katherine Campbell

2023 – Kiera Coleman

Canadian University Scholarships

Check out these websites for directories of Canadian university scholarships;


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