CSEB Research Webinar on December 10, 2019: Exploring and Monitoring Arctic Biodiversity using DNA Barcodes

Please join Dr. Alex Borisenko from the University of Guelph at 1pm Pacific/3pm Central/5pm Atlantic time as he explains this innovative approach to monitoring biodiversity.

Tracking the state of Arctic ecosystems hinges on our ability to understand shifts in biological diversity and its components, which was traditionally hampered by the lack of specialized taxonomic expertise required to identify most organisms. DNA barcoding provides a new digital framework for rapid biodiversity assessments, boosting the speed and efficiency of species identifications by making use of recent advances in DNA sequencing and informatics technologies. This presentation will provide background on the scientific basis and technological potential of DNA barcoding and outline the scope of its current and prospective applications, ranging from baseline ecological surveys and environmental impact assessments to conservation and wildlife health. It will also highlight relevant research initiatives, including the Arctic BIOSCAN project (ARCBIO) which aims to develop the capacity for near real-time DNA-based biodiversity monitoring in the Canadian Arctic.

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Note that this webinar will be followed immediately by the CSEB’s annual general meeting.

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