CSEB Research Webinar on March 17, 2022: The State of Canada’s Fisheries: Oceana Canada’s 2021 Fishery Audit

Presented by Isabelle Jubinville, Oceana Canada

ABSTRACT: Rebuilding depleted fisheries and preventing healthy fish populations from declining requires good science, monitoring and management. Oceana Canada’s fifth annual Fishery Audit assesses the current state of Canada’s fisheries, tracks progress in key science and management indicators from 2017–2021, and provides recommendations to meet federal policy commitments to return wild fish populations to abundance in Canada’s oceans

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Isabelle is a Marine Scientist with Oceana Canada. She has a BSc. in Marine Biology and an MSc. in Biology from Dalhousie University and has conducted research in seabird physiology, marine plastic pollution, and fisheries bycatch mitigation. She works in Halifax, Nova Scotia and provides research support to Oceana Canada’s campaigns to rebuild wild fish stocks and protect marine wildlife and habitat.

This webinar begins at 10am Pacific/ 12 noon Central/ 2pm Atlantic Time. For more information and to register for this webinar, please follow this link.

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