CSEB Research Webinar on Sept 13, 2022: Can community science measure vascular plant elevation changes in Strathcona Park?

One aspect of climate change and increasing summer temperatures is the prediction that plants will shift their ranges higher in elevation or northward in latitude to remain in their optimal growing conditions. Community science platforms such as iNaturalist can provide large datasets to researchers and have been used to document flora and fauna in Strathcona Park. Can this dataset be used to track vascular plant elevation changes in Strathcona Park? Validation of an R package ‘rgbif’ that provides elevation data based on GPS coordinates and evaluating the current flora dataset of Strathcona Park are necessary first steps to see if answering this research question is possible. Further steps include analyzing this dataset and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of using this approach.

This webinar begins at 7pm Pacific/ 9pm Central/ 11pm Atlantic Time. For more information and to register for this webinar, please follow this link.

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