Species at Risk: Your comments are sought!

Anticosta Aster, Blanding’s Turtle, Golden-eye Lichen, Monarch Butterfly, Evening Grosbeak, Caribou and more…

The federal government is seeking public input on a list of 45 species that are being considered for classification or re-classification under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). The goal of SARA is to prevent endangered or threatened wildlife from becoming extinct or lost from the wild, and to help in the recovery of these species. The Act is also intended to manage species of special concern and to prevent them from becoming endangered or threatened

It is proposed that 21 species be added to Schedule 1 of the Act, 11 be reclassified, 12 would have a change made to how they are defined, and one would be referred back to COSEWIC for further evaluation. Final listing decisions for all 45 species are expected by August of 2018.

CSEB members; here’s an opportunity to provide your informed opinion. Are you a teacher of biology? Perhaps this would be a good class project.

The deadline for public comment to the federal government is May 22, 2018 for terrestrial species undergoing normal consultations and October 22, 2018 for terrestrial species undergoing extended consultations. For more information, visit the federal website at


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