CSEB Research Webinar on February 12, 2023 : High Marsh Plant Communities and Response to Canada Goose Grazing in the Salish Sea

Land managers may assume that no human disturbance will preserve ecological quality, and that nature will “take care of itself” to recover to a “pristine” state after disturbance. Stefanie Lane will discuss trends of biodiversity loss in an unmanaged Wildlife Management Area in the Fraser River Estuary, and significant increase in exotic species following goose grazing on Vancouver Island. Stefanie is a PhD candidate at UBC studying estuarine habitat around the Salish Sea. She is most interested in plant community stability and succession in tidal marshes. Stefanie is currently working to understand vegetation and seed bank resilience following goose herbivory in small estuaries on Vancouver Island.

This webinar begins at 7pm Pacific/ 9pm Central/ 11pm Atlantic Time. For more information and to register for this webinar, please follow this link.

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