CSEB Research Webinar on January 21, 2024: Conserving and Restoring a Legacy – Vanier Forest Garry Oak Restoration Project.

Garry Oak ecosystems are the richest land-based ecosystems in coastal British Columbia. They include open forests dominated by oak groves of soaring sculptural Garry Oak trees. The understory is composed of shrubs and grassy meadows of wildflowers that carpet the ground in the spring.

The Vanier forest Garry Oaks are a unique part of several remaining groves that once covered 160 square kilometres and stretched from the Comox estuary to present day Smith Road.

This presentation will review the work Comox Valley Nature has carried out so far on our restoration project and outline the methodology proposed to provide a viable growing environment for this rare and at risk habitat.

Join this webinar on Sunday January 21 at 7pm Pacific/ 9pm Central/ 11pm Atlantic Time. For more information and to pre-register, follow this link.

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