CSEB Research Webinar on June 6 — POSTPONED: Nutritional Limitations on Caribou Summer Ranges in Montane and Boreal Plant Communities of Northeastern British Columbia

To be presented in September by Dr. Kristin Denryter,  University of Northern BC and University of Wyoming. Precise date to be determined.

Abstract: Woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) are declining throughout much of their range and the role of nutrition in these declines is poorly understood. We used tame caribou to assess the nutritional value of summer habitats in northeastern British Columbia. We quantified food habits, diet quality, and intake rates by caribou at 135 sites and found caribou were highly selective foragers, ≤50% of available vegetation was ‘food’, and many plant communities failed to provide caribou with enough daily energy and protein intakes to support lactation, growth, and accretion of body reserves. This work has direct implications to caribou conservation and management.

To view this free webinar on the scheduled date, a link will be provided here. Registration will be required.

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