CSEB Research Webinar on May 16: A Forensic Investigation of Crude Oil and Saline Spills: Detecting Fiction, Determining Facts

Presented by Dr. Kevin Timoney, Treeline Ecological Research on May 16 at 10am PDT / 12 noon CDT /2pm ADT.

Abstract: Crude oil and saline water spills are common in Alberta. This study examined four questions: (1) Are reported spill and recovery volumes accurate? (2) Is there evidence of residual contamination and biological effects persistent after spills? (3) Are data on spill cleanup efficiency and rates of environmental damage credible and supported by science? (4) Is the regulator protecting the environment? The regulator’s data on spill volumes, recovered volumes, recovery efficiency, and environmental effects are neither accurate nor credible. An energy industry disturbance signature exists in the form of persistent changes in vegetation and soils relative to natural controls. Pervasive and persistent spill effects combined with missing or inaccurate information on energy industry spills present significant social and environmental liabilities.

To view this past webinar, see its listing under Resources > CSEB Webinar Archives

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