CSEB Research Webinar on November 21, 2021: Well that stunk! Mass die-offs of BC seashore life during the 2021 heatwave

Presented by Dr. Chris Harley, (Professor of Zoology, University of British Columbia

In late June, 2021, western North America experienced an unprecedented heatwave. A new Canadian all time high temperature record was set and hundreds of people died. Along the coast of BC, the high temperatures coincided with very low tides, and that combination was lethal for billions of barnacles, mussels, sea stars, and other sea creatures that live in the intertidal zone. Such intense heatwaves, once a 1-in-1000 year occurrence, are expected to become more common and more severe due to climate change. Dr. Harley will provide an overview of how climate change has already impacted seashore life in British Columbia. He will then describe the impacts of the 2021 heat wave – it’s geographic extent, the species affected, and the ongoing ecological implications for the northern Strait of Georgia and beyond.

This webinar begins at 7pm Pacific/ 9pm Central/ 11pm Atlantic Time. For more information and to register for this webinar, please follow this link.

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