CSEB Webinar on October 17, 2021: Environmental pollution in British Columbia – A short history of chemical conquest

Presented by Dr. Peter S. Ross, Senior Scientist & Director, Water Pollution at the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

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Abstract: Canada enjoys the longest coastline in the world, with 229,000 km spanning three oceans. This raises fundamental questions about how best to understand, let alone protect, marine biota from the complex blend of chemicals used, lost, or disposed of, in consumer or industry activities. With an estimated 500,000 chemicals on the market, this is a daunting challenge for scientists, regulators and resource managers. Considering that 80% of ocean pollutants originate from land, the generation of data that helps us track contaminants back to their source will underpin solution initiatives. Raincoast is now launching a new community-oriented water pollution program – Healthy Waters – that will track priority pollutants from land to sea. This will serve a gap in regulatory and jurisdictional boundaries, and enable Indigenous Nations and communities to better manage pollutants within their area of interest and beyond. Dr. Ross will provide a short history of pollution in British Columbia, and present examples of topical concerns including hydrocarbons, PCBs and microplastics, all under the mantra of healthy salmon, whales and people.

Dr. Ross’ presentation will begin at 7pm Pacific/9pm Central/ 11pm Atlantic time.

For more information and to register, follow this link.

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